Healthy Orange Chicken Recipe

Ah orange chicken. A deep fried weakness of mine when I eat out at PF Changs or other Asian style restaurant. Not exactly healthy when the chicken is breaded and deep fried and covered in an orange sauce that is loaded with sugar. So, this is my healthier spin on that dish as I do not deep fry or bread my chicken. While I use a wok to cook this thing, you can also use a larger pan.  In this recipe I’m simply using chicken breast, water chestnuts for a little crunch and green onions. If you feel like adding some more veggie elements I’ve also tried this with thinly sliced carrots and red bell peppers.  I’ll always be the first one to tell you feel free to change up something if you don’t like an element in a recipe…..they are suggested starting points, not written in stone.

Healthy Orange Chicken Recipe



Chicken Breasts: (2)

Green Onions: (3)

Water Chestnuts: (1 can)

Avocado Oil2 Tablespoons

-avocado oil is great for high heat cooking but sub out with peanut oil or even vegetable oil if needed.

Orange Sauce1/4-1/2 cup

Most grocery stores carry Panda Express orange sauce so look for it in the Asian section. If not there are plenty of orange sauces to choose from.
Salt and pepper to taste
Samba Oelek chili paste (optional)


1. Slice up your chicken breast into bite size pieces and lightly salt and pepper. Make sure to trim off any fat or other nasty pieces you don’t want to bite into.

2. Chop up the bottom part of your onions. That means the white part and the thicker parts of the onion. The green top halves of the onions you will be slicing thinly length wise or if you don’t feel like making the thinly sliced pieces just chop up directly across. You can see in the picture that I’ve done it both ways.

3. Throw your oil into a wok on medium-high heat for a couple minutes until you see that bad boy smoking a bit. Do not be afraid of a little smoke, that’s a good sign and means your wok is hot and ready. A lot of smoke and a house or apartment that has suddenly caught fire is not a good sign FYI. If that’s the case run like the wind. If not, you’re in good shape.

4. Toss in your chicken and the onions and stir it up. By now you should have a delicious smell in the air of sauteed onions.  Cook and stir for 3 minutes and pour in your sauce and the water chestnuts. You don’t want to overcook the chicken or it will be tough so watch for this (taste while you are cooking to check on this, just make sure you are not biting into pink chicken meat).

5. Pour the ingredients on a plate and top with the green onions.
If you like spicy, you need to have some samba oelek chiki paste on this dish and you’ll have a beautiful dish that is sweet, salty and spicy. This is a much healthy orange chicken recipe than what you’ll find anywhere so enjoy.

I usually like to serve this dish with a side of white or brown rice (go white Jasmine rice or choose brown if you want to be a bit more healthy).

4.5 stars